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Welcome to All Is Well!

Adult Fitness In Your Home

So, we had to close our studio doors.  But we are definitely not out of business.  The circumstances of last year actually opened up new avenues for sharing fitness classes and personal training. (I had been considering using the internet to reach students and clients during bad weather, but I hadn’t seriously acted on it. )


As everyone needed to stay home for safety, it quickly became obvious that there are more reasons to workout from home than weather.  So I immediately went to work to make it happen. 

With the help of my website designer, I developed live classes that focus on basic areas of fitness, keeping in mind that space and video connection may be an issue.  My students really appreciate that they can still enjoy the camaraderie of exercising with friends and making new friends.


For clients that have some fitness equipment, I incorporate what they have and give a complete workout.  Some people have expressed surprise at what they can do with what they already have!


Please join us for a class on Zoom, or schedule your private session using Zoom or Duo on your phone or tablet!


All, is indeed, WELL!

Zoom is our new “computer classroom” 

Paula teaches 4 classes each week on Zoom (she only does classes on Zoom for now.) See the classes section.

Paula also personal trains developing a program just fo you.  

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