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Frequently Asked Questions: 


Contact us with your questions. We would love to hear from you. 


Q. Is this gym open to the public?

A. We are a personal training, fitness and posture gym.  We offer individual sessions and group classes by appointment.


Q. What are your prices?

A. Please contact us a free evaluation and customized affordable quote. 


Q. Are your trainers certified? 

A. Yes. We are certified by a number of qualifying professional organizations.  We are continually maintaining our education. Please see our About Us page for more information..


Q. My physical therapist wants me to strengthen my back and shoulders, can you help?

A. We certainly can! We offer tailored restorative exercise guidance to help repair injuries. 


Q. I'm in my 50's and I want to get back in shape, I was thinking of joining a gym, what do you recommend? 

A. Re-entry into exercise is a wonderful step to take.  Avoid a set-back by not over-doing it.  We can help by teaching you the proper motions to build muscle and also strengthen tendons.  We will escalate your routine gradually, bringing you into top form safely.   Plus we'll help keep you motivated so you're not wasting money on a membership you're not using. 


Q. My wife says that I'm "slouching" my shoulders, what should I do?

A. Good posture is an important link to good health.  We can help you sit and stand straight and tall.  You'll love how you feel and look. 


Q. Are you senior friendly?  I'm older and i don't feel comfortable in a loud local gym.  

A. We specialize in helping seniors achieve and maintain good posture and optimum health for a high quality of life.


Q. I'm going to have knee surgery, can you help with recovery?

A. Yes, and we can help you prepare even before surgery.  We offer 'pre-hab' training to strengthen you in advance and help shorten recovery time.


Q. i have some mobility issues.  The doctors recommend exercise but I can't seem to get started. 

A. We specialize in helping those who have physical obstacles to overcome. 






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