Guided Exercise Classes 

Affordable, Convenient and Get Results


Benefits of Guided Exercise and Personal Training


Our personal training and guided exercise classes produce maximum results, injury restoration, safety and fitness.   We are senior friendly and offer restorative training for healing and strength rejuvenation.


Professional Feedback - Everyone, even the most fit, can benefit from another pair of trained eyes to watch what they are doing.  In my years of experience, I have observed many people either doing exercises incorrectly, or in a way that doesn’t personally benefit them.  You'll gain the benefit of many years of experience and education.


Recommended  Classes

Noodles & More  
Thursday 8:45am
Remove Muscle Pain
Find new ways to remove muscle pain.  You can feel better!
Monday 4:45pm
Wednesday 9:30am
Beginner to Advanced
This class combines the best practices of yoga and Qigong to improve the health of the body, can the mind and strengthen the spirit.  
  Beautiful Exercise
  Exercised Beautifully
Return in September! 


The grace and elegance of ballet is captured in this class.  Using some of the methods that ballet dancers use to move with poise, control, endurance and grace, you will become aware of your posture and your presentation of  movement throughout your day.  


Using chairs as your barre, you will strengthen legs, feet, arms, and core.  Floor work (on our special tables) will provide more core challenges to further strengthen and let your discover your flexibility.                                    Teacher: Paula McArthur

Any questions

call: Pam Miller

(216) 402-2342

Urban R&B Line Dance
Tuesday 7 to 8:30pm
Wednesday 1:00 to 2:30pm
Sit no more at your next party watching others have fun!


Come learn the most popular old school & new school line dances!

Ball Band and Bells 
Tuesday or Thursday 5pm 
Thursday 6:15pm
SilverSneakers FLEX: Strength & Balance
a more advanced sculpting class using the stability ball, bands and dumbbells for floor exercises – without the floor!

This is core intensive class will focus on floor exercises, but will feature a floor-off-the-floor” option for those who prefer a raised platform to put your mat on and work up higher.  We will use the stability ball in ways that can work your core without neck strain.  Dumbbells and bands are used to get you added strength! Beginner and senior friendly, but the advanced are also challenged!

SilverSneakers FLEX: Senior Strength
movements that improve posture, flexibility and strength. Easy on the joints, use of chairs for unusual exercises.

This is a beginner or senior class that includes a well-rounded combo of flexibility, strength, posture and sensible joint movements.  There are seated and standing portions, and it will increase your stamina as well.

Straight and Strong
Tuesday, Friday 2pm
Coming Soon?
Tell us what you would like to work on.  We want you to be your best.




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