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Guided Exercise Classes: Affordable, Convenient and Gets Results


Benefits of Guided Exercise and Personal Training


Our personal training and guided exercise classes produce maximum results, injury restoration, safety and fitness.   We are senior friendly and offer restorative training for healing and strength rejuvenation.


Professional Feedback - Everyone, even the most fit, can benefit from another pair of trained eyes to watch what they are doing.  In my years of experience, I have observed many people either doing exercises incorrectly, or in a way that doesn’t personally benefit them.  You'll gain the benefit of many years of experience and education.


Zoom  Classes

The philosophy of All Is Well is to promote fitness through guided exercise.


With the current challenges of distancing and limited space to work out in your own home, I have come up with three classes that address aspects of fitness while just using limited space. In talking with clients and students, it appears that walking outside is a common activity among them. I have focused my Zoom classes on other areas of fitness besides cardio because they are often ignored after the walk is done. I highly encourage walking outside or on a treadmill if you have one, and my Zoom classes will give you the perfect complement to doing that. Also, click on my blog on this website about walking!  Please click on Classes to see our offerings.  Once you have sent us your form, we will send you the Zoom Information.

Balancing Gift Boxes

All This for $70

Contact Paula at


Flexibility and Balance Video Series

This series is for those who want to improve their flexibility and/or balance.  In some ways, improving one will improve the other. 

When you sign up, I will schedule a zoom meeting with you, where you will receive a private ½ hour “pre-test” to see where you are starting from and get personal guidance. Then, for eight weeks, you will receive a new 45 minute exercise video to use as much as you’d like to work on your skills.  They will increase in challenge.   After all eight are done, we can arrange a ½ hour “post-test” to see the progress you made. The videos are good to use for 2 months after you receive them. The guidance is timeless!  All this for just $70!

Gen Ex Class.jpg
Gen - Ex
Zoom Class
Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm
General Exercise

This class is designed to keep everyone successful at moving at home without taking up much room.  We address aspects of fitness that can go away if we don’t address them, such as balance, strength, flexibility and more. 

Using 2 chairs in different ways as we work with the equipment, we create our own mini gym! Sometimes we sit, sometimes we stand and use it for support to strengthen and improve balance.  

Our equipment includes a set of weights, a noodle piece, a band, a golf ball, a 7 or 8 inch play ball. You provide the chairs in the room to work around you and we are in business! 

This class is functional and you can even do it together with your older parents or teens.

Class equipment Kit list: 
a set of light dumbbells 
a noodle piece 
a band with or without handles
a golf ball 
A7 or 8 inch play ball


These are items that people commonly have around. If you need help getting any of those items, you can pick them up at All Is Well by appointment, or other arrangements can be made. 

Need a Kit?

Contact Paula at 440-317-0281

Best Equipment.jpg
Noodles & Ball 
Zoom Class 
Friday at 1pm
Remove Muscle Pain
This class will start with using a 55 cm fitness ball for a floor routine that will strengthen the core.  We will also use this ball against the wall for some awesome calf raises, squats and shoulder stretches.  The last half of the class will use a foam roller, noodle piece and a long noodle to work on muscle flexibility and tightness some using chairs and ending on the floor.

For this class, you must be able to: 
Lie flat on the floor
Get up and down from the floor

Class equipment kit list:
55 cm ball 
Noodle piece
Long noodle
Foam roller



At Home Requirements:

2nchairs with no arms
Wall space

Floor space

Need a Kit?

Contact Paula at 440-317-0281

Barre Class.jpg
Chair Barre
Zoom Class
Monday at 10:30am
Beautiful Exercise, Exercised Beautifully


Chair barre combines the quest for leg strength and balance with body awareness and grace. We use two chairs with no arms (only equipment needed) for leg exercises and while standing, we use the chair or chairs for balance while doing leg lifts. We work on the upper body also with arm flourishes for strength, movement awareness and endurance.                                    


Teacher: Paula McArthur

Personal Training

Personalized Guided Exercise:  Affordable, Convenient and Gets Results


Benefits of Guided Exercise and Personal Training (By Zoom or In Person)


Guided Exercise by Qualified Trainers is Safer - When entering or re-entering an exercise routine, professional guidance can help avoid over-doing it or needless setbacks.  Exertion in exercise is supposed to be positive and invigorating indicating the overcoming of measured resistance and growth.  But when you feel dull, sharp or mounting pain, your body is warning you of injury, indicating the motion is incorrect or the body is being pushed to hard.  Our classes are carefully structured toward growth, health benefit and encouragement

If in person, we do require masks and hand sanitizing at the door when entering. 
Once in your place, follow the instructor’s guidance.

Physical Therapy Session
Knee Replace "Prehab"
We specialize in knee and hip replacement preparation “pre-hab”
We can help your experience of joint replacement be less painful and the shorten recovery time by working with you before you have the surgery.  We have worked with many clients that have reported a much shorter recovery time and a more pleasant experience than the people around them.  Your body is ready and prepped for the physical therapy portion.
Just Ask for this Personal Training Session
Posture Correction
We specialize in Posture Correction
Just working out can help your posture, but if your posture is resisting the improvement, then our posture correction training can focus on the source of the problem, or correct any incorrect movements that are standing in the way
Just Ask for this Personal Training Session
Coming Soon?
Tell us what you would like to work on.  
We want you to be your best.
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