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At Home?


Please Enjoy these FREE Videos. 

Welcome to All Is Well Posture and Fitness, Inc. 

Thank you for coming to our website.  Since we cannot meet in person at this time, we have put together some videos to help you get your own workout where you are!


The videos are shorter segments addressing the various areas of fitness.  Since this is a new venture, we want everyone to be successful, so we started with familiar routines similar to things we do in our live classes.  As we make more videos, there will be more variety of challenge.  You may view them as frequently as you like and invite your friends and family. 

Since I cannot see you, please remember that your form and movements are not being monitored, a detail that we take very seriously.  Listen closely to instructions, but realize that you are viewing them at your own risk.  (I suggest keeping your cellphone handy.)  The videos are free for now, but please realize we are not getting paid to do them.  We are just trying to help get everyone moving when we are all used to doing something else. Any donation would be appreciated and can be sent to the mailing address on this website. 


If you are a regular class attendee, please know that we are working towards having live classes on the computer. If you are a personal training client, we can already work together one-on-one remotely!


Please feel welcome to visit and work out with us through this unparalleled time.  Please stay safe and well and have faith.

enjoy our workout videos from our home, to yours.  



This video is good for movement and enhances your range of motion. This is for all fitness levels and fun for beginners as well as experts.


I like this video because it builds a great foundation to doing other exercises. Senior fitness organizations love this because it is easy to accomplish and fun.

This is an excellent choice for those stuck at home without much room to move around or not able to go outside.  The only requirement to this is that you have a sturdy chair to hold onto the back and that you can stand for a short time. 


I like this video for beginner to medium fitness levels.

Stimulate your immunity in your workout.

This routine uses a small 2-inch ball with finger exercises to stimulate your immune system and also work on reduction of arthritis symptoms. It will also help with dexterity. It is designed for all fitness levels.

Dumbbell weights and chair workout.

This workout uses dumbbells in seated positions to work your legs and shoulders.
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