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Personalized Guided Exercise 

Affordable, Convenient and Get Results


Benefits of Guided Exercise and Personal Training


Guided Exercise by Qualified Trainers is Safer - When entering or re-entering an exercise routine, professional guidance can help avoid over-doing it or needless setbacks.  Exertion in exercise is supposed to be positive and invigorating indicating the overcoming of measured resistance and growth.  But when you feel dull, sharp or mounting pain, your body is warning you of injury, indicating the motion is incorrect or the body is being pushed to hard.  Our classes are carefully structured toward growth, health benefit and encouragement.



Personal Training and Upon Request 
Knee Replacement

We specialize in knee and hip replacement preparation “pre-hab”

We can help your experience of joint replacement be less painful and the shorten recovery time by working with you before you have the surgery.  We have worked with many clients that have reported a much shorter recovery time and a more pleasant experience than the people around them.  Your body is ready and preped for the physical therapy portion.

Posture Correction

We specialize in Posture Correction


Just working out can help your posture, but if your posture is resisting the improvement, then our posture correction training can focus on the source of the problem, or correct any incorrect movements that are standing in the way.


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