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Posture Tips: You Can Do It.

Walking Tips

  • Light Stretches before heading out

  • While walking, hold head and chin high, shoulders back, chest out, abdominals tight.

  • Swing arms in opposition to legs

  • Change strides in walking for muscle variety: march with knees very high, or lift foot high in back

  • Balance items you are carrying as evenly as possible left and right

  • Stretch quads, hamstrings, calf and shins, then lower back after walking

  • When shopping, don’t lean over shopping cart!

On Stairs

  • Use railing sparingly only as needed for special challenges

  • Going up: Pull abdominal muscles in tight from the bottom, breathe freely through chest, shoulders back and head up high – ascend the stairs

  • Going down: Look down, check out the path intermittently, then straighten up again and use your periphery vision, hold abs tight – descend the stairs

Standing For Longer Periods

  • Shift weight forward and backwards, not side to side jutting out hips

  • Bring one foot up on a step if available, then switch feet to rest lower back


  • Sit up straight – your mother was right! Shift pelvis forward, then lift abdominals from the bottom up. Shoulders back, chin high whenever possible

  • Take frequent posture breaks when working longer in a seated position.

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